Friday, October 30, 2009


Last “proper” day of our holiday and I’m determined to make the most of it… early morning trek along the beach, favourite walks and generally chilling.
As you might have already gathered, if you read my blog on anything like a reasonably regular basis, my family is the most important thing in my life (friends come in a very good second!). It’s been SO good to share this week with Ruth+Stu+Iris+Rosa+Hannah+Fee+Alice+Dave+Mikey+Dan+Moira. It’s been really great to get together and especially to be able to spend some extra time with Alice+Dave and the boys – as we just don’t see them as much as we’d like to. Mikey is as disarming as ever and has calmed down hugely compared with perhaps a year ago (when he would happily throw toys around without a second thought)… I really enjoyed jumping in and out of “sand holes” on the beach and laughing+laughing in the process! Dan is a footballer in the making and seems to have a real “ball” fetish (he has a powerful shot on him and can even perform “drop kicks”!) – lots of athletic goalkeeping ability performed by grandad accordingly (much to the amusement of young grandson). It’s also been lovely to spend more time with Rosa (lots and lots of smiles and happy giggles). Iris has been as entertaining as usual – telling stories and going into lots of hilarious, over-the-top explanations (eg. when her grandfather took her to the loo for a poo and when he asked her if she’d finished, she responded with the immortal words “be patient grandad”!).
One of the highlights of the holiday has been the time spent round the huge dining table at the end of each day (we’ve taken it in turns to cook), after the children have all gone to bed.
Very, very special times.
Photo: compilation of photographs taken over the course of our week in St Ives.
PS: Alice+Dave had to leave on Thursday morning and Moira was anxious to get a “team photograph” (bottom of the compilation pic) before they went (hence jimjams in pic!); unfortunately, poor Stu had had to leave at dawn to catch a train for a business meeting (hence no Stu in pic!).
PPS: Another Iris story: I’d been telling her stories and suggested it was time for her to tell me one. She agreed and started: “Once upon a time”…. followed by a dramatic silence. After a while, I queried why she’d stopped. She responded with: “well, that was just an advert”!
You just couldn’t make it up!


alan broadway said...

wasn't sure that you should continue blogging/facebooking through your holiday...but have to say after following the weeks exploits i feel nearly as refreshed as you, even if i have been taking part 'looking in from outside'. think the rest of us need to 'invest' in you and your immediate family - buy upper saltings and just let you do your art; there must be a market for your offerings with the st ives tourists. you are blessed, but 'we' are privileged that you share all this with us.

just Gai said...

You appear to have had a wonderful time. I'm so pleased for all of you. However we have missed you and look forward to seeing you again next week. We are hoping to resurrect the Public House Group on Monday and Moira and I have another permaculture session on Tuesday. Safe journey home and see you soon.