Sunday, February 15, 2009

kielder challenge begins again

This is the time of year when Laura+I start working with a few pupils at school for this year’s Kielder Challenge event. When I first became involved, three years ago, we were virtually “given” our team of four pupils. Now, perhaps due to its higher profile within school, competition for places is extremely keen - we had an initial shortlist of some twenty names. The criteria for getting on to the shortlist are pretty wide-ranging. They DON’T necessarily mean that we’re looking for the brightest students academically – sometimes we end up working with pupils who perhaps lack self-confidence or self-esteem or with a history of behavioural issues. The selection process consisted of interviewing the students individually and then putting them through some typical problem-solving tasks (they will actually be working our pupils from Fosseway School with severe learning difficulties or physical disabilities).
The final eight students proved to be a really lovely bunch…. I feel sure they’re going to provide us with lots of laughter over the coming months!
Photo: the final team plus four reserves (Rikki, Sean, Aimee, Laura, Jasmine, Jack, Ben and Beth).

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just Gai said...

Isn't it good to hear a success story involving young people, in a climate which so often expects nothing but trouble from them. However the dramatic increase in applicants is also very much a credit to you and the others who put so much time and effort into organising it. Well done all of you.