Sunday, February 22, 2009

golfing in sunshine (again)

Had a really great day with Steve+Ken on Friday (golfing at Studley Wood, Oxford). The sun shone and we all played well, despite not having played for ages. I’ve been on a bit of a winning streak over the past year or so when we’ve occasionally managed to organise the odd game together…. but NOT this time! Ken, despite not having played for 5 months, went round in a gross score of just 76 (three over par). We let him play off a handicap of 8 (were we stupid or what?), which effectively meant his score was 5 under par. Needless to say, Steve+I had to be content for battling it out for second place (we drew!).
Can’t wait to play Ken again - on his adjusted NEW handicap!
Photo: Ken+Steve during a break in play on the 7th.

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