Sunday, June 08, 2008

devon weekend

Wonderful weekend with brilliant friends Gail+Ian at their house in Aveton Gifford, Devon…
Just relaxing+eating+drinking+talking+walking+reading!
Arrived on Friday evening after driving through beautiful, lush green countryside in bright sunshine… chilled, great food+drink.
Got up early on Saturday (just me, that is!) and walked along the estuary road at dawn… then we all went for a pre-breakfast walk through hillside fields. Breakfast was followed by a brief trip into Kingsbridge (where we bumped into Foundation friends Becky+Marc from Bristol!)… Oyster Shack lunch… Ian+I took another wonderful walk through the fields in late evening sunlight before yet more food+chilling+reading.
Another glorious morning on Sunday, so we drove down to Thurlestone and walked along the beach and coastal path before returning to Gail’s great brunch, plus coffee and newspapers.
Weekends don’t get better than this!
Photos: images from the weekend.
PS: only downside of entire weekend: Pig Finca has closed!! Disaster!


Matt said...

sounds wonderful Steve - hope the weather's as good next month when we're down there!!

bigdaddystevieB said...

oh yes, quite magical! you'll love it. if you're staying at old walls(?), I just love getting up really early - assuming it's going to be a good weather day, of course - and wondering down the estuary road or over the hills at the back of the village.... sets you up for the day!