Monday, June 16, 2008


Had a really lovely weekend in Birmingham visiting my brother Alan and Lesley+Megan+Eleanor. Initially met up at Spetchley Park Gardens, near Worcester – a really beautiful, informal and relaxing place (and not overrun by people when we were there!). Lovely surprise to find that Alan+Lesley had prepared a picnic lunch for us all to enjoy in the sunshine. This was followed by a somewhat embarrassing (for me!) game of Frisbee – when yours truly trod in a cow pat when catching the frisbee, slid and then fell back into the offending substance – thus covering (and I mean covering!) my shoes, trousers and top with smelly green/brown stuff. This caused much amusement to the others, which I felt was entirely inappropriate!
Beautiful meal out on Saturday evening at Malmaison (to celebrate the end of Megan+Eleanor’s exams) and a city walk on Sunday morning which brought back memories from my youth!
Great weekend. We’ve been SO lucky recently with our weekends!
Photo: canal near Cambrian Wharf, Kingston Row.

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