Wednesday, January 02, 2008

thoughts and more reflections

I’ve been reading Ellen’s, Si’s and Gareth’s blogs reflecting on the passing of the year and the prospects for 2008. It’s made me continue to think about some of the other, perhaps surprising, things (ie. ignoring family life; friends; friends’ 50th birthdays; and Iona!) that have been special for me over the past year:
a) Involvement with young people in such activities as Ten Tors, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Forest
of Dean and Kielder Challenge (and working with some lovely adult helpers too).
b) Enjoyment from music (despite, or perhaps because of, the demise of Fopp – thanks to i-Tunes, my i-Pod and musical suggestions from a whole host of friends.
c) Regular stimulation from the Iona Community’s “Growing Hope” book.
On the other hand, regrets-cum-resolutions would include:
1. Finding more time to draw/paint.
2. Reading more.
3. Going to the cinema/theatre more.
4. Getting more exercise (of course!), but without signing up for another 10k run (I gave up those
more than 10 years ago!).
5. Learning to live more simply.
photo: Moira at work in the office at home – clearly she’s the focus/anchor/love of my life! x

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Anonymous said...

Dear big daddy in law stevie b.
If you visit leyland soon I'll take you to the fopp in manchester that still exists and trades! ooh!