Wednesday, January 09, 2008

“there’s something happening in america….”

I’ve been fascinated* to watch/listen to/read about the early US presidential primaries. The very real prospect of America electing either its first woman or first black President. Barack Obama winning a stunning victory for the Democrats in Iowa; Hilary Clinton gaining perhaps a surprising win in New Hampshire today. For the Republicans, Mike Huckabee’s early victory in Iowa and John McCain’s win in New Hampshire – an amazing comeback after his campaign appeared close to collapse last summer.
I love this quote about American politics from Mario Cuomo (Democratic governor of New York 1983-95): “You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose”.
We’ll see!
PS: * apart from the whooping+cheering of audiences at inappropriate times and, please, let's NOT have an American President called "Mitt" (Mitt Romney); "George W" was bad enough!

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