Thursday, December 27, 2007

iona moments 3

More Iona reflections.
Moments over meals and in the pub:
Laying tables, serving food and eating with new friends and other volunteers from the Iona Community. Taking it in turns to eat with different people from Lambeth, Putney and beyond each mealtime: Steph, Jane, Garry, Poppy, Dick, Dientje, Mary, Duncan, Mandy, Robert, Jean, Angus, Jackie, Alice, Marjorie, Woomie, Gloria, Tetla, Enid, Ruth and Ian - who made mealtimes very special.
Walking in the dark after the nightly service in the Abbey down to the harbourside to the “plastic” pub and feeling slightly guilty about seeking out the only bar on the island! Having opportunities to hear more stories and to meet people both inside and outside our group. Laughing over beer and wine.
Retracing our way back to the Centre by torchlight.


Ian Adams said...

another great pic Steve. is that what they call a mackerel sky?

bigdaddystevieB said...

I'm useless on such things I'm afraid but, having googled, think you're probably right (although most examples seem to show whole skies of the stuff - and that certainly wasn't the case on Iona?). I suspect that if anyone wanted to study cloud formations, Iona would be the perfect place!