Sunday, September 16, 2007

bromyard folk festival

Well, another great weekend at Bromyard with my brother Alan. We’re not desperately into folk music - but they DO sell beer at these festivals you know! In the event, although there didn’t appear to be any significant performers on the bill that we liked, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing/hearing Eliza Carthy and The Ratcatchers, Last Orders and the brilliant Mabon (see the middle photo below). Much to our surprise, we were also really impressed by the Saturday night Ceilidh (I must stress, we didn’t dance!) - the band (with the awful name of Whapweasel!) were amazing and the energy+enjoyment of the dancers was contagious. We even sang sea shanties (even though you can’t much further from the sea than Bromyard!). The weather was lovely and Alan+I had plenty of time to talk (+talk!)(I’d apparently forgotten to tell him that our daughter Alice was expecting baby next month!) over the odd bacon sandwich at breakfast and the odd glass of red wine or beer at virtually all other times!
PS: one of the troubles with camping is that I needed to get up 4 times on Friday night to go to the loo - and those tent zips make enough noise to wake the dead!!
PPS: we still don't know why blokes want to become morris dancers.


Gareth Rae said...

How could you go to a ceilidh and not dance!
Mabon sounds good.
I hope Moira had packed all her cakes away before you got home and ate them all.

bigdaddystevieB said...

... pretty easily actually!
Yes, Moira had almost finished packing away her cakes (so there are plenty left... at the moment). hugs

alan broadway said...

having seen some good fiddle playing at bromyard...take a look at you-tube "seth lakeman - kitty jay live @ hmv brum". brilliant!

bigdaddystevieB said...

Love the Seth Lakeman you-tube! how can these people sing AS WELL AS playing stupidly complicated fiddle routines AT THE SAME TIME? Beats me!!