Friday, September 28, 2007

bristol self-help group

Good friend Andy’s been going on about the Bristol-based teachers at school getting together in some quiet bar on a fairly regular basis during the course of a working week. Clearly, he didn’t want to be seen by the powers-that-be as one of those irresponsible, unprofessional, beer-swilling individuals who’d rather go for a drink than mark books or prepare lessons – so he persuaded me to send out a round-robin e-mail to members of staff asking the Bristol contingent to sign up for this exciting new venture instead! The reaction has been very interesting. We’ve now got an equivalent “self-help group” being formed for Bath-based teachers and we’ve even received e-mails from staff who live between Bath and Bristol saying they’ll try to attend both groups!
Somehow, I think my imminent Performance Review might be adversely affected.
Photo: me practising for the self-help group at the recent Bromyard Folk Festival

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alan broadway said...

drink can be dangerous. without it life can be lethal...or even terminal! wish i lived closer so i could join.