Sunday, April 01, 2007

more ten tors training

I spent the bulk of this weekend helping out on a two-day training exercise on Dartmoor with 15-17 year-old pupils – setting out from school at 4.30am yesterday! The conditions were pretty good this time (heavy cloud and mist; rain; strong north-easterly winds; and sunshine!). My principle role was minibus driver, but I did manage to do my fair share of walking too. Pupils walked some 28 miles across rough and undulating terrain over the two days carrying their rucksacks - each weighing 30 lbs! You should try it! Once again, the pupils were brilliant (and very good value – they made me laugh!) and the number of volunteers who were out of the moor manning checkpoints was pretty staggering.
We camped in the grounds of a pub last night and, obviously, the helpers were all forced to sample beer!
Photo: teacher Emma with two of the pupils resting at a checkpoint on day one


alice said...

So glad it was good - sounds like they're achieving a lot! Must be one of the good, positive things about the job. Hope you've been able to have a bit of a lie in on your first day of holiday - maybe sleeping in until 5.15??!

Can't wait to see you on sunday!!


bigdaddystevieB said...

What school holiday? We don't break up until Wednesday evening! Looking forward to seeing you all.