Monday, April 09, 2007

easter people

Spent a wonderful relaxing Easter weekend staying with great friends Bob+Christine in Thame, Oxfordshire (where we lived for over 20 years). Went to celebrate Easter Day with our old church community at St Mary’s and Moira+I felt very humbled by the large number of people who still remembered us and greeted us with hugs+kisses after the service. Returned to Bristol later in the day and had a lovely time with Mikey+Iris (and their parents!) – Alice+Dave dropping in overnight on their way to Devon.
Photo: Mikey+Iris getting to know each other at home


Ellen Loudon said...

happy easter - bit late I know but I am glad you had a good break. much love to you and yours. xxx

bigdaddystevieB said...

you too Ellen! hope you're finding time to chill after your exhausting time last week. see you soon (but not this w/e - helping to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday at a big house party.... we like to associate with young people don't you know!!). xx