Thursday, February 08, 2007

venice, bogarde and time

One of my favourite films is Visconti’s “Death in Venice”. I recently watched it again on DVD and was once again struck by the film’s powerful beauty, the evocative glimpses of Venice (perhaps my favourite city) and, of course, Dirk Bogarde’s haunting performance.
It reminded me that I’d written to Bogarde (via his publisher) after reading his wonderful three volume autobiography. I hadn’t expected any response but, several months later, I received a handwritten envelope from France enclosing a V+A postcard from him thanking me for my letter. I kept the postcard but couldn’t remember where I’d “filed” it. I've just tracked it down - I’d put in one of his books - it was dated 8 October 1990.
So where have all those years gone then?

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