Wednesday, February 14, 2007

st valentine

I came across this potato and couldn’t resist taking a photograph! Sadly, Moira is hardly going to be swept off her feet if I gave her a card containing the spud image and a few choice words: “my love is like a heart-shaped potato…..”!
Maybe I should have got the M+S marketing people on the case?
“This isn’t just any heart-shaped potato, this is a heart-shaped potato that has been caressed by carefully-prepared soil containing well-rotted manure and gently harvested by a sensitive, experienced gardener with strong hands and a firmly-muscled body, kissed by the rays of the sun….”.
Maybe not!
PS: I decided to give her the potato card anyway - partly because M+S = Moira+Steve (obviously). Spooky eh?


Ellen Loudon said...

at least you bothered - I got nothing!

alice said...

our valentines' celebrations? CURRY!!! hooray for takeaways!

love you,
Alice xxx