Tuesday, December 05, 2006

living icons

The BBC’s Culture Show is running a “living icon” competition. David Attenborough will no doubt, and quite rightly, win the accolade (but how come Morrissey is in the final three and Kate Bush in the last ten?). When I visited the National Portrait Gallery recently, I bought a batch of postcards and among them was Ronald Traeger’s 1967 photograph of Twiggy (not the one attached). It’s a wonderful image and has been on the mantelpiece ever since – Twiggy would probably get my vote! The image of her shown here reminds me of a poster I did in about 1968 (black+white female face on a coloured background)….. wish I’d kept it!
PS: had wondered about Ian Botham as a living icon but, after today’s shattering defeat in Australia, I think it’s best not to mention cricket!

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