Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006: a very good year!

I appreciate that, on a national and international level, 2006 has been a very difficult and somewhat depressing year – the continuing mess in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine; terrorism; greed; violence; poverty; global warming concerns; lack of real progress on debt/trade issues in Africa; wars; political frustrations and politicians etc etc!
However, for Moira+me, lots of rather nice things have happened in 2006! These included: Ruth+Stu’s Iris being born at the beginning of September; Hannah+Fee getting married a few days later; and, in October, Alice+Dave “taking delivery” of their new adopted son Mikey; plus a trip to New York; two restful weeks in the Western Highlands; and driving down to St Ives for breakfast (as you do).
We have much to thank God for!
Photos (left to right/top to bottom): looking across to Mull from Drimnin; Moira resting on a hillside walk in Scotland; Hannah+Fee’s wedding; Debby/Ian/Gail eating in New York; more New York; and again; Stu+Iris+Ruth; St Ives harbour; Mikey+Alice; and Ken+waitress Barbara at New York’s Stage Deli.


Ellen Loudon said...

Sounds like a fantastic year. May 2007 bring you as many blessings. xxx

bigdaddystevieB said...

ELLEN: Many thanks... and, on reading the latest comment on your blog, it seems as if Bristol has been the focus for "acts of faith" for both you+Mark and for Moira+me – literally in your case! May you have another amazing year in 2007.