Thursday, October 01, 2015

brixham drawing project...

Across from North View Steps

Fishing Boats
I was contacted by our lovely friend Tanya a couple of months ago. Over the past couple of years, she’s made very generous comments about my drawings and was now suggesting that Moira+I might like to stay at their Brixham house in exchange for some drawings of the town…
As you might imagine, it was no contest!!

Harbourside Facades

New Quay Inn, King Street
What a wonderful opportunity to spend time in a beautiful Devon fishing port - overlooking the harbourside, the marina and the rows of hillside houses (she sent us some stunning photographs taken from her property… just in case we had any doubts - we didn’t!)!
I ended up completing eight drawings in total and have, with Tanya’s agreement, posted them here in their entirely (I’d previously only posted extracts on my “one day like this” blog – double click on the individual images to enlarge).

Well, we’ve now returned from our week in Brixham and it really did prove to be a lovely time – we were very fortunate with the weather and we’d forgotten just how beautiful the town was (it was a few decades since either Moira or I had last visited!).
The views from the house’s living room windows were spectacular  – overlooking the harbour, the marina and the busy fishing fleet. It reminded us of the views from another favourite seaside upper floor living room - at Upper Saltings in St Ives (where one could happily stare out at the ocean for hours on end!). Absolutely mesmerising.


Quay Facades

Tanya’s house was ideally located – just a three minute walk to the harbour or the marina (admittedly down lines of steep steps, but hey!) and within 10 minutes you could easily be walking along the sea wall/breakwater to the small, white lighthouse. Lots of excellent restaurants and cafés (eg. we enjoyed a very good supper at the Rockfish restaurant and an equally good breakfast at the Breakwater Café!). We also met up with our great friends Gail+Ian in Totnes and visited the National Trust’s Greenway (former summer home of Agatha Christie) – in the case of the latter, partly via steam train! Lots of excellent coastal walks too: we walked to Berry Head (30 minutes) and also beside the sea in the other direction to The Grove woodland (again, say 30 minutes).

Harbour Boats and Houses


After this very enjoyable experience, we’re now looking for more lovely friends who have properties in Venice… or Florence… or Tuscany… or the west coast of Ireland… or (as you can see, we’re not fussy!).
Life is tough.

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