Saturday, March 28, 2015

ian adams: unfurling poetry evening at foyles, bristol

I’d never been to a poetry “gig” before… but last night one of my very best buddies was performing some of his poems at Foyles Bookstore in Bristol. Obviously, I needed to be there! I’d read and re-read (and re-read) all the poems from his “Unfurling” book since it was published and loved them. But last night’s experience was really (and delightfully) surprising…
You know when you go to a music concert featuring one of your favourite performers? You know their music intimately. You know the words of the songs. You know all the tunes… and then the musician(s) starts off the concert with a familiar song that’s become a wonderful, well-loved friend?
Well, last night was exactly like that… except, of course, I’d only listened to the poems in my head or when I had read them out loud. Last night, for the first time, I heard Ian performing his poems… and it was fundamentally different and a very lovely experience.
I’ve often said that nothing quite beats live performance and last night was no exception.
And afterwards, in a completely impromptu way, many of us ended up at Carluccio’s, Quakers Friars, (ostensibly just for drinks) who managed to accommodated us all with much grace and humour… so we had an opportunity to meet up with old and new friends and reflect on a great evening.
Life is good.
Photo: Ian in action at Foyles last night...

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Andrea said...

There is something very special that unfurls when you hear a poet/musician perform their own poetry/songs live.
In my experience it brings their work alive in a new and deeper way. I have had the privilege to hear some of Ian's poems read by him on retreats I have been on- hoping that I might be able to catch a poetry Gigi soon.x