Saturday, January 31, 2015

isolde, lauren bradford+julia turner at the folk house...

Moira, Gareth, Alan+I went along to the Folk House last night to hear these three singer/songwriter/musicians. They performed both individually (well, Lauren+ Julia with their respective bands and Isolde with her loop station!) and as a trio of unaccompanied voices. All three sing quite beautifully and their a capella renditions were simply stunning, entertaining and often very funny (I particularly liked their song “Cheer Up Gordon” - dedicated to “all those who ride on the London Underground on a daily basis”! They’re threatening to sing and film it on the Tube – and post it on YouTube, obviously... if they do, it’ll become VERY popular, mark my words!). Two hours of excellent music – ALL written by themselves.
Three very talented musicians. One very enjoyable evening (and a pretty cheap one too – tickets were just £7).  
Photo: Lauren Bradford, Julia Turner+Isolde at the Folk House.

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