Sunday, July 27, 2014

mount pleasant terrace street party

I’m not entirely sure, but I think the street party held in our street today was the first one for nearly 70 years - since the party held in 1945 to mark VJ Day (I met a bloke named Roy who used to live at number 44 and who showed me photographs of the event). I also have to admit that a) I had absolutely nothing to do with the planning/organisation of our street party, b) I didn’t participate in any of the organising or setting up of the event and c) I simply turned up (somewhat embarrassed) at 2.30pm carrying a couple of bottles of wine and three chairs (note: Moira also made excellent cake!)… and we later brought along some burgers and salad for the BBQ.
I have to admit that it wasn’t something I was particularly enthusiastic about or looking forward to… but I freely admit that I was WRONG.
In the event, lots of people turned up – including lots of neighbours I’d never met. There was music, games, food, drink and… crucially, conversation.
It was simply brilliant.
I met lots of people I’d never spoken to before today. Children played happily… without the threat of cars. There were an awful lot of friendly, happy people enjoying themselves… and I was one of them!
Simple pleasures... with lots of people delighted to be celebrating the community in which they lived.
Happy day!
Photo: the truly amazing Roy Gallup... and just one of his magnificent creations...

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