Wednesday, April 02, 2014

hip-hop (or actually hip-op)…

Went along to the Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre this morning, following up the latest of my “doctor referrals” relating to my hip/knee issues. I was anticipating being offered a cortisone injection as a source of pain relief/improved mobility.
In fact, I’ve been booked in for a hip replacement on 21 May instead!
I have to say, I was incredibly impressed by the speed, efficiency and scope of my appointment (at 7.45am and no waiting!):
1.       Saw the consultant – who decided on more hip xrays (plus, this time, some knee xrays).
2.       Sent down the corridor for xrays.
3.       Met again with consultant – who showed me the resulting xrays and how my hip had considerably worsened over the past year. He had no hesitation in recommending an immediate hip replacement.
4.       Sent to see the admissions team to run through my questionnaires (sent to me in advance for prior completion) plus various other medical checks.
5.       Sent to see one of the administrative assistants to book an operation date (letter completed and handed over to me there and then).
6.       Sent to see one of the physiotherapy staff members to run through another questionnaire (again, sent to me in advance for prior completion) plus explanations of on-going physiotherapy issues post-operation.
All finished and on my way home by 10am (I just hope the operation is as efficient!).
Very impressed.
Photo: from “The Origins of Hip-Hop Music/BlogLet” (I was going to post a picture of me in similar pose, but decided against it!).

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