Saturday, December 14, 2013


I went to see Alexander Payne's “Nebraska” yesterday. It's essentially a road movie - with the excellent Bruce Dern as Woody, a fragile old man suffering from dementia insistent on collecting millions from a marketing scam letter (we’ve all received them!). He’s determined to make his way to collect his winnings in person and his youngest son David (Will Forte) finally agrees to take him on the 800km road trip to Lincoln, Nebraska.
It’s a brilliantly-observed dark comedy about America's classic mid-West culture. It’s a gentle, poignant, sometimes grim film about a man who’s lost his self-respect and a story of unlikely re-connection as David sees his father’s doomed quest as a chance for them to spend time together while they still can.
I loved it.
PS: some very good films on at the Watershed, Bristol over the Christmas/New Year period: Philomena 20-23 Dec; Gravity 20 Dec-2 Jan; It’s a Wonderful Life 20 Dec-2 Jan.

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