Friday, March 01, 2013

nail in the coffin...

In March last year, I wrote a blogpost expressing my anger and frustration at what I perceived as the impending demise of the NHS as we knew it… thanks to the conservative government’s ideology (pause… I’d REALLY like you to read it because I think conveys the lunacy and urgency of the situation!) . On 1 April (an ironically-appropriate date if ever there was one”), the government’s proposed secondary legislation (under section 75 of the Health+Social Care Act) will virtually force EVERY part of the English NHS to be opened up to the private sector to bid for its contracts.
Today’s Telegraph newspaper published a letter from more than 1,000 doctors and health-care workers calling on MPs to force a debate and vote down the proposal.
Critics have hailed the proposed legislation is a blueprint for privatisation and goes against government assurances.
Why on earth aren’t more people jumping up and down about this?
The changes will take effect and only then will some people realise their devastating consequences. The situation will end up rather like the privatisation of British Rail or the sale of Public Utilities – it will be very difficult/virtually impossible and very expensive to turn back the clock.
I urge you to sign every petition you can on the subject before it’s too late… politicians need to know how the majority of the population feels about the subject.  

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