Saturday, February 23, 2013

martha tilston at colston hall

I spent Thursday evening listening to Martha Tilston. She really does have the most wonderful, clear (almost fragile at times) voice. She sang for two hours, accompanied by her three musicians (she’s a brilliant guitarist in her own right), and the evening was an absolute delight. At times, she has something of Joni Mitchell in both her delivery and in her songwriting (and even Sandy Denny on occasions?) and, as a bonus for me, she sang two songs that she styled as “odes” to Leonard Cohen and Mitchell. Many of her compositions question the greedy modern world – if I were a songwriter, I’d be doing the same!
PS: For me, the only slight downside of the evening was that we were given a 30 minute warm-up singer… followed by a 30 minute interval (Colston Hall obviously see this as their way to increase bar sales!)!

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