Wednesday, November 14, 2012

joan armatrading+chris wood at colston hall

Really enjoyed the Joan Armatrading/Chris Wood concerts at Colston Hall last night.
Wood was essentially the “warm-up” act for Armatrading’s nationwide tour – but I’m a great fan of his, so this was a real bonus for me and he was excellent (particular favourites: “Hollow Point”, “My Darling’s Downsized” and “Hard”).
This was the first time I’d seen Armatrading live and she was pretty amazing (performing with three other musicians) - she played for an hour and forty minutes straight through. I love her voice, but hadn’t realised just what an exceptional guitarist she was. I actually prefer her “ballads”(?), but her range is quite amazing – jazz, rock, blues. ALL performed stunningly well (particular favourites: “Love and Affecton”, of course, and “Willow” – which she didn’t perform!).
Until yesterday, I hadn’t appreciated that she was brought up in Brookfields, Birmingham (now part of Handsworth - where I too was brought up) from the age of 7… she’s only a year or so younger than me so, who knows, we might have met as kids in the local sweet shop?!
PS: I’m at a loss to understand how the couple sitting next to me spent some £60 on tickets, but decided to miss Chris Woods (and another local singer-songwriter) altogether and then left after just 25 minutes of Armatrading – and half way through her most famous song?

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just Gai said...

Joan Armatrading was one of my favourite singers in the mid 80s (when I was into strong female icons). I remember hearing her at a concert in Wembley (anti-apartheid or something along those lines). But I haven't heard much of her since. Good to know she's still going strong.