Sunday, January 08, 2012

the artist

Forget “The Iron Lady” – THIS is the film you need to see!
Moira+I went the Watershed this afternoon to see this wonderful, uplifting, funny, clever film - set in Hollywood of the 1920s. Directed by Michel Hazanavicius and filmed in black+white, it’s an ode to silent movies and has no script; the two excellent stars are Jean Dujardin (George) and Berenice Bejo (Peppy). It was absolutely lovely and deserves to take a whole host of awards over the coming months.
My best film of 2012 – well, ok, it’s the ONLY film I’ve seen at the cinema this year but, rest assured, it WILL remain one of my top films of the year.
It’s also one of those films you will NEED to own on DVD to cheer you up on wet Sunday afternoons over the coming years!

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just Gai said...

Glad you enjoyed it. We're hoping to catch it next week.