Friday, July 08, 2011

morals, honesty, integrity…. and greed

Was it really only two years ago that we were applauding journalists for exposing the scandal of MPs’ expenses? With yesterday’s decision by Murdoch’s News Corporation to close the News of the World newspaper after revelations and allegations of wide-spread phone-hacking of “ordinary people” (not just celebrities and politicians) by journalists, the boot is now definitely on the other foot. Of course, that’s not quite true – because, for example, it was only in January that Andy Coulson was forced to resign as David Cameron's press spokesman over the role he played in the phone-hacking scandal as editor of the News of The World newspaper (I could go on about Rebekah Brooks, Cameron, Blair....). The police are apparently now investigating some 4,000 possible other phone-hacking targets. Sadly, if an investigation outlined on Channel 4 News last night is to be believed (and Jon Snow is the only journalist I’m prepared to trust these days!), individuals from within the police force are thought to have been paid for tipping-off journalists on various cases.
Thanks to the greed and dishonesty of a relatively few(?) politicians, journalists and police officers, we’re left asking ourselves: “so, who CAN we trust?”.
What a tragic, sickening state of affairs.
Ironically(?), today WAS to have been the day when Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, was going to issue his final definitive ruling agreeing to News Corporation’s bid to takeover BSkyB. In the circumstances, it’s hardly surprising that he’s decided to defer judgement (until September?) – by which time, he’ll no doubt hope that the dust will have settled.... (and he’ll give his consent anyway).
And, as far as News Corporation’s decision to close The News of the World is concerned, this seems to me to be no more than a cynical management manoeuvre. It just so happens that, only last month, News International created a "managing editor structure" at its four newspapers (a move towards a form of integration of daily and Sunday titles?).... oh, and Richard Caseby was appointed group managing editor with responsibility for The Sun and News of the World.... oh, but, of course, the plug is about to be pulled on the News of the World.... oh, will that mean the "Sunday Sun" will rise from ashes?


Alice said...

Yes, I agree - it seems like a drastic thing to get rid of NOTW, but newscorp will carry on and the Sunday sun will be NOTW in a different guise. Hard not to be cynical about everything when wherever you look there is deception and heartlessness. Xxx

bigdaddystevieB said...

told you so... Rupert announced today (17/02/12) that he inteded to launch a "Sunday Sun". Shock Horror!