Saturday, March 26, 2011

edna shorey RIP

My aunt Edna died yesterday. She was 90. My cousin David telephoned me with the news last night. She’d been taken into hospital only the day before, so her death was quite sudden. Last year, she’d been very ill and there seemed little likelihood of her making it to her 90th birthday – but, remarkably, she did.
Any family bereavement is obviously sad, but Edna’s death is particularly poignant. For BOTH Moira+me, it marks the end of that particular generation – WE are the oldies now!
A somewhat sobering thought.
Photo: David had only recently re-discovered this photograph of his parents’ wedding (February 1947, with thick snow on the ground) and had e-mailed me a copy just 10 days ago. It shows the bride+groom, Len+Edna, plus my father Ron (second from left); my grandmother Ada (seated right); my grandfather Frank (just behind her); and my mother Mary (extreme right).


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