Wednesday, February 23, 2011

true grit

Moira, Hannah+I went to the Watershed this afternoon to see the latest offering from the Coen brothers. Beautifully filmed and brilliantly acted (especially Jeff Bridges as a fat, boozy, old guy with an eyepatch in late 19th-century Arkansas, who after a rackety career of gunslinging and soldiering is now employed as a US marshal). Although it was a very impressive film, I have to admit that I came out feeling just a little disappointed – perhaps I’d been influenced by the hype? I’ve just read a review that talks about “an exquisite sadness and gentleness” of its final moments – whereas I had shaken my head in disbelief as, firstly, Bridges’ weary horse – carrying Bridges and Mattie Ross (a 14-year-old girl played by newcomer Hailee Steinfeld) galloped across the screen like a Derby winner and then, after the horse had finally collapsed with exhaustion, Bridges (remember: the “fat, boozy, old guy”!) sprinted for several more miles cradling Steinfeld.
I think all the whisky he was drinking must have helped!

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