Sunday, October 10, 2010

cave refectory road

It’s not very often that one of your best friends has a book published, so I’d been really looking forward to reading “Cave Refectory Road – monastic rhythms for contemporary living” by Ian Adams this week.
I wasn’t disappointed!
I’ve always been struck by his “way with words” and I found this elegant and profound book an absolute delight. Knowing him so well, I could almost hear him speaking as I read it and, of course, I was very familiar with many of the places and people he spoke about.
It’s a beautiful book and one that I know I’m going to continue to find helpful over the coming months and years in my own rather meandering spiritual journey. It’s given me much food for thought and much encouragement. I was particularly struck by his references to the Community of Bose in Italy and to some of its “rules”.
Talking to Ian a few weeks ago, I know that one of his original intentions was to use words from contemporary songs (from artists such as Radiohead, Show of Hands, Johnny Cash and the like) at the beginning of each chapter. In the event, his publishers encouraged him to use some of his own poetry instead and I found this one of the special and surprising joys of the book (and look forward to reading more of his poetry in future). John+Olive Drane (theologians/writers) described Ian’s book as being “guaranteed to open up new vistas for anyone searching for an authentic spirituality that will make sense in the context of today’s 24/7 world” and I completely agree.
A very special book by a very special man.

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Ian Adams said...

too kind Steve. But really pleased that you like the book. Thanks for your encouragement. I'll keep on! peace