Sunday, September 13, 2009

babs (+play me, I’m yours)

Gail+Ian+Debby+Ken are our very special friends. We’ve been friends for a long, long time and the lovely thing is that we try to get together over lunch to celebrate each other’s birthdays. Yesterday was even more special. Firstly, because we were celebrating Debby’s 50th birthday and, secondly, because it was the first time we’d all got together since Gail+Ian moved to Devon (they used to live in Oxford, along with Ken+Debby). We met up at Severnshed in Bristol and enjoyed a lovely meal together before walking through Queens Square and around the harbourside.
Photo: Ian providing us with musical accompaniment in Queens Square
Note: BABs is the e-mail shorthand for our get-togethers (Barnes-Adams-Broadway).
PS: on Friday evening, when I walking to Welsh Back to have a drink with some school friends, I noticed a lone piano in Queens Square. At the time, I just thought it was somewhat strange. Later that night, on my way home, I became aware of some amazing improvised jazz being played on a piano – the same piano I’d passed earlier in the square. It was just beautiful. One guy was playing; his three friends were standing around him and were just smiling; it made me smile too. A lovely moment.
Moira subsequently pointed out that it was all part of an art initiative – “Play Me, I’m Yours” (check out this website – some great pictures). Brilliant idea!

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