Sunday, August 19, 2007

casa pietro berrettini

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our lovely friend Ken, who’d invited us all to Cortona to help celebrate his 50th birthday (it was actually his birthday in April, but we didn’t want to say anything), Gail+Ian+Moira+I stayed at this amazing place near the highest part of the steeply-sloping medieval city (Berrettini 1596-1669 was a painter/architect/writer). Wonderful accommodation and a stunning garden (100 paces long - I counted!) with breathtaking views across tiled rooftops over the valley.
How incredibly lucky we were!
Photos: terrace; kitchen/dining room; bedroom window view; bedroom suite; garden dining area

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Anonymous said...

Your accommodation sounds a lot more salubrious than ours - some of which has been more basic than I imagined. Except for Lucca where we are staying in a youth hostel in a converted monastery. It's pure luxury after some of the places we've been. Even the girls are impressed.