Thursday, October 26, 2006

did golf opponents take bungs?

If you don’t play golf yourself, this won’t make any sense at all, so don’t bother to read on! I played today in Wiltshire with great friends Ken+Steve+Des (accompanying photograph of K+S taken on a golf tour of Scotland in 2003 – yes, we’re that sad!). I hadn’t played for nearly 3 months so made my apologies in advance for my rustiness – I had visions of spending the entire round looking for my ball in the rough/hacking out of trees and such like (if you don’t play golf but have bothered to read on, then I must stress that golf is a game of “feel” and “timing” and, for this you need to play regularly). In the event, I had a really good round – with perhaps only 5 or 6 poor shots all day – much to my embarrassment and my golfing partner’s pleasure, as we beat our gracious opponents with some 7 holes still to go! Clearly, I’ve now found the magic formula for golfing success and will wait another 3 months before playing again (but don't bank on it).

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